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At Bet With Confidence we utilize sports betting systems, which are commonly used by handicappers to help them make a profit with their sports betting.

What is a sports betting system?

Betting systems rely on past data and information from a sport or league in order to find and exploit lines or odds that are poorly priced by the oddsmakers and sportsbooks. Sports betting systems can use many different factors including statistical, psychological, situational, motivational, or a combination of any of the above to combine with past performances to support picking one outcome over another in a game. Certain events that favor an outcome are called angles, and sports betting systems usually combine different angles to provide a higher chance of winning selections.

"Bet any NBA home underdog of 6 points or greater that are coming off of a road win."

This is a simple Sports Betting System that includes looking for an NBA team which is an underdog on the point spread by 6 or more points, who are coming off of a win on the road. I created this “system” off the top of my head, but it gives you an example of what a simple sports betting system may look like. Betting systems can get extremely complicated, and some even include obscure factors that you wouldn’t normally think of. If the system proves a winning track record it is always worth a look.

A more complex NFL example:

"Bet against a NFL team who has a negative turnover differential facing a team that has recently been fumbling, if the line is between -11 and +5, with a win percentage greater than 30%. "

We've named this system Fade Fumbless Teams. If you were to take this bet every time the situation occured, here is what the results would look like the last 8 years:

BWC System


Unit Strength

NFL Spread

Bet Type

203-62 (77%)



Money Won



Line Movement Systems

"Sharp Money"

There are certain systems that track where the “sharp money” is coming in on by following line movements. The sharp money would be the betting syndicates that are betting enough money to move the line themselves.

An example of a system using line movements would be “Bet against a team that is receiving 80% of bets and the line is moving away from them within 4 hours of kickoff”.

In this example lets say Green Bay was favored by -7.5 and receiving 80%+ of the bets. If the line moves to -7 two hours before kickoff it would trigger a bet with this system.

Sharp Money Line Movement

Sample Size

Tricks Of The Trade

Anyone who tracks data and statistics long enough can create their own sports betting system. However, the longer the track record of winning it has, the more trustworthy it can be. I would much rather follow a betting system that has a proven 60% win rate over the last 10 seasons than a system that has a 90% win rate over the first 5 weeks of any single season.

We use years worth of data and have spent countless hours and days perfecting our systems. As a Bet With Confidence member, you will receive all of our pick and game selections.

Sharp Money Line Movement

Depth & Detail

We have hundreds of systems, for every major sport, with even more detail than described above. We use advance statistics, match up data, and specific situations to make our picks. If our 10 years of situational sports data combined with our 100% documented, transparent records isn't enough to convince you to join our team, see what our current members have to say about us.



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