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Hey Guys and Gals,

You don’t need money to make money. You only need a little bit of money.

If you combine a little bit of money with good discipline, BWC can help make you a lot of money.

Don’t believe me? Let’s see if I can convince you. I am going to show you how following BWC Picks can Quintuple your money in 52 weeks. That’s right 500% of your current bankroll in 1 year.

That sounds outrageous to you? It should sound outrageous, but it is easier than you think. BWC only has to average 3.2U / week for 52 weeks. That’s 166 Units / year.

As of 12/8/14, BWC is +73 Units in 15 weeks. That’s an average of 4.9 U / week. So BWC is averaging over 1U / week better than needed, and the last 12 weeks the average is 8 U / week.

I know what you’re thinking. If I bet 1% of Bank Roll (BR) / Unit, 166 Units only gets me 266% increase. While that isn’t bad, it’s not near 500%. The problem is your not thinking of compounding profit. We have to increase our Unit size as our bankroll increases.

Don’t believe me, check out the charts below. We are going to start with a bankroll of $2,000 and get this to be $10,000 by the end of August 2015. $2,000 is nothing to sneeze at in terms of money for the average better. If you have less, don’t worry, you will get there following this example, it will just take a little bit, but not much, more time.

Here’s how we did in Week 1 of this year:

Roadto 1

So we had a modest gain of .5U that week (Monday - Sunday). Even so, we will increase our bet keeping the % of BR at 1%. So our new Unit Bet will be increase slightly to $20.10. Let’s see how the next 3 weeks went:

Roadto 2

Well, looks like we started out on a bit of a bad streak. To all you new betters, this will happen. Just need to manage yourself through it and not over react. So, if you were a flat 1% better from original BR you would be at $1801 instead of $1,769.

At this point, you might be thinking, this 1% system of changing the bet size every week doesn’t work. That systems lost more money than just being a flat better!

Well, let’s go forward another 4 weeks:

Roadto 3

Well, we got back all of our losses from the first 4 weeks. So 8 weeks into the road to 10k, and we are still at the starting line. Don’t worry, the tortoise won in the end. At this point, if you were a flat $20 better you would now be at $2,062 vs $2,003. Again, the system isn’t proving itself 15% of the way into the year. But, lets look at the next 4 weeks:

Roadto 4

There goes some nice positive movement. A Flat $20 better is still winning with a BR of $2,393 vs $2,316. But you can see that the new Bet is 15% higher now, so we just need to stay positive. Here’s the next 3 weeks:

Roadto 5

We are currently in Week 16. At the end of Week 15, our $20 flat better has a BR of $3,451.4 compared to $3,695.15. But our current Unit to bet is now 85% higher, so the gap between changing the Unit to 1% of BR every week vs keeping the same flat bet will continue to grow.

That growth will remain exponential and not linear. At the rate of 2.8 U / week from here until the end of week 52, the final BR will be $10,261.84. A flat better would end at $5,552. Based on history, this 2.8 / week average is more than doable, so I fully expect $10,000 to be achieved at the end of this year.

Now, take it a step further, the next year we will grow that $10,000 into $50,000; then $50,000 into $250,000. So in three years time you will be able to take $2,000 and invest it into $250,000.

If you take the 4.8 U / week average BWC has for the year, after 52 weeks, the BR would be $21,000.

Oh yea, remember that 8 U average BWC has been on the last 12 weeks? If that pace keeps up, your $2,000 initial BR would be $63,700 at the end of the 1st year. See, $10,000 doesn’t seem so far out of reach now, does it?

Remember what I said at the beginning? You don’t need money to make money. You only need a little bit of money and BWC.

If you want to see the math, click here: Road to 10K

We have developed a spreadsheet that helps you determine your unit size each week, manages your bankroll, and will maximize your profit with our picks. This spreadsheet is available to all members of Bet With Confidence.

Roadto 6

Come on and join the BWC Family and let’s make money together.

BWC Mark

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