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Our Records

Unlike most handicappers, every single one of our plays is documented for a 100% complete and transparent record history.

By the Numbers

When betting on sports, units won is the only way to gauge the ability of a handicapper.

At the beginning of each football season, we refresh our records to 0 to maintain the most accurate records possible. This will avoid inflated records and show true overall units on the year.

Previous years results will be stored and always available to anyone and everyone.

September 2017 – August 2018

We are constantly updating this to make sure your bankroll is on pace with ours. By resetting our records at the beginning of each football season for each sport, we avoid those inflated records you may commonly see by at other services. We stick together, we win together. Records Last Reset on 8/28/2017.

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The Calculations

Situational Sports Data

Everyone has different sized bankrolls for sports betting. Using the term unit is a way for us to show your profit or loss in universal terms. +100 units for a $100 dollar bettor means he or she would have profited $10,000.

We use advanced statistics, match up data, and specific situations to make our selections. Enjoy the several picks that we release daily.

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All Time Records

Below is a summary of our total units won by sport since the inception of Bet With Confidence in late 2014. No "we'll get em next time." No stories. Just results.

Past Records & Plays

View all of our records from each betting season. We have breakdowns of units won by sport, and every single play is documented.



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