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Reading this isn’t going to turn you into an expert or tell you all of the in’s and out’s of sports betting. Reading this will give you some tips and basic information on how to bet on sports. To become a master of the art you need time, the ability to research, and experience. You will find some, but not all of the answers reading these few articles.

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Handicapping Games

In order to gain an advantage, you need to have a smart betting strategy by researching as much information as you can before placing your bet. To handicap a game, you need to research the players on the teams, the stats, previous performances, days of rest, and injury reports. You should also research the impact of home field advantage, as well as downtime, and emotional highs and lows of teams.

Remember, sports betting is not a race, it is a marathon.

It is very difficult to win money in sports if you do not bet correctly. If you manage your bankroll using patience and discipline and research the sport, you will improve your chances of placing successful sports bets. Watch the news, learn about injuries, suspensions, coaches, weather reports, how the line moves throughout the day or week, and any other factor that might impact the result of the game you are wagering on.

What Not To Do

DON’T be afraid to bet on a “bad” team. Sports investors should be looking for games that give you the best possible value. Sometimes this means you have to take a +15 spread in the NBA against one of the best teams in the league. These large point spreads are often high-value bets.
DON’T be afraid to not take a bet. Sports investors must learn how to not take a wager, even though it may seem like the smart pick. You need to remember that most of the point spreads that the sportsbooks make try to give the bettor zero value. You need be able able to say “no”.
DONT bet with your emotions. Your favorite team is playing? Do you have the will to bet against them? It is very common for at a sports investor’s heart or emotions to get in the way of their bets. It may cloud your judgement if you have a bias towards a certain team in the NFL and you feel like “they can’t lose”.
DON’T fall behind on your sports knowledge. Learn the starting lineup, research injury reports, and know the weather conditions. Watch sports news, read sports betting forums, and follow as many teams as you can in the sport you like to wager on.

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