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We are transparent, honest, and hard-working. Here is a list of common questions sports investors have before signing up. If you're still in doubt or have any questions after reading through this, please don't hesistate to reach out to us!

We release plays every day on the @BWCMembers handle, texted directly to your phone. This is exactly how we release them. We give you time, Day, Sport, Play, Odds, Units and even the Book we buy it at.

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Why is your membership so affordable?

Many bettors will waste a boatload of money on a week or a month subscription, when the results depend solely on their timing and some luck. Seldom will they follow anyone long enough to see the long term consistency, and rarely do they even look for it.

At Bet With Confidence, we developed systems that utilize 10 years with of data and are geared for the long term. After spending years developing and perfecting these data driven systems, you will see profit following our picks and selections throughout the entire season. Following our picks for just a day or week is not a true indication of our long term results.

At $49.99, you can tail our picks long term and have more money to build your bankroll with, while having a ton of fun doing it.

Is there a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial because one day or one week of picks does not show the ability of a handicapper. All handicappers will have good times, and bad times, those who focus on the short term will see one or the other. They may catch a weak handicapper on a hot streak and think he is god, or they may catch a gifted handicapper on a bad streak and think he is the worst in the history of man.

How do I get the plays and what time are they released?

Weekday: All plays are released daily around 5pm EST Monday - Friday. If there is an afternoon game, play(s) will be released at least an hour before the game.

Weekend: For concentrated weekends games for NFL, CFB, CBB, plays will be released the day before, or 2+ hours before kickoff/tipoff.

How? All plays are released on our private twitter handle, @BWCMembers. You are able to set up twitter notifications so the plays are texted directly to your phone. Instructions are here.

Do we personally bet every game we release?

Absolutely. Why would we let you have all the fun winning without us getting in on it? We take every single bet we release to our members.

How many plays do you usually release?

Depending on how many sports are in season, we will release around 1-5 per sport, per day. Of course, on high volume days in College Football, Basketball or NFL, there may be more plays on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday.

How much should I bet on each game?

We recommend betting 1% of your bankroll on each unit. For example, if your starting bankroll is $1,000 and we release a 1 unit play on a game at -110 odds, you should bet to win $10 on that game (risking $11). If we release a 2 unit play, you should bet to win $20 on that game (risking $22).

How do you bet when you are betting plus juice odds?

When we are betting on a plus juice money line (ML), we RISK 1 unit to win $XX. For example, if your starting bankroll is $1,000 and we release a 1 unit play on a +150 dog, you risk $10 to win $15 on that game.

Which Sportbooks do you recommend?

About 99.99% of our plays are released at either 5Dimes, BetOnline or BetDSI.

The line moved, is it still a play?

Yes. We take every bet we release. If the line moves due to any reason, the bet is still official under our BWC record at the line we released it at.

I paid for a month, will my card be charged again next month?

Our subscriptions recur on a monthly basis. If at anytime you are not satisfied with our service, you may email to cancel and have your membership revoked.

What if I cannot get the exact line that you release?

We are 100% transparent in the books that we place our bets. When we release our plays daily, we provide the date and time of the game, the play, the odds, the units, AND the book we placed the bet at. All lines are available when we release the play at the book we listed.

Don’t have the line we provided? Here is a quick cheat sheet:

If we release Mavs +4 and you have +3.5, buy it.
If we release Mavs +4.5 and you have +4, don't buy it.

This is also true vice versa with negative lines.

If we release Mavs -3 and you have -3.5, buy it.
If we release Mavs -3.5 and you have -4, don't buy it.

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Will we always win?

Sports bettors want instant gratification more than most, and are usually only concerned with the short term. Many are only interested in the last bet, and the next one. Winners, and BWC, focus on the longer term. They know there will be bad times and good. Some weeks will be winners, and others will be losers. I’ve had bad streaks that lasted longer than a month, and good streaks that have too.

If you are using systems like ours that have proven their record over a ten year period, you can expect a similar record over a two year period. There are no guarantees in the short term. But in the long term, you will see profit. Our sports investing strategy is a direct correlation to our long term success. Stick with us and lets grow our money together.



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